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Thursday, May 19, 2022



Ruth  is an example of a virtuous woman, demonstrating faith in God, determination, selflessness, chastity, diligence, and being teachable. The qualities possessed by Ruth in the bible are worthy of emulation for any woman who desires to be virtuous.


#1. FAITH IN GOD: Ruth demonstrated faith in God because she left her pagan heritage and committed herself to God when she told her mother in law: your God will be my God. To be a virtuous and blessed woman, you must be connected to God. Come into a loving relationship with God by receiving Jesus and continue to follow Him. 

#2. DETERMINATION: Her resolve to return to Bethlehem with Naomi was unwavering. Two of them insisted on following Naomi, but Orpah returned after much persuasion from Naomi. Ruth remained steadfast like a purpose-driven woman. She would not budge to Naomi’s arguments or plea, being resolute and fully persuaded to follow through with her mission. A determined woman does give up easily on her course. She follows through to fulfilment and will not cower to obstacles or challenges that may arise. She has the inner strength and courage to press on amid challenges instead of turning back.

#3. SELFLESSNESS: Ruth did not consider only her interest or benefits. She also sought the well-being of Naomi. There was no obvious gain in view she could get from Naomi when she followed her. Naomi had no more sons she could have as her husband. Also, Naomi was returning almost empty and Ruth still chose to follow her. A virtuous woman is not selfish. She serves selflessly, not for instant gratification or ulterior motives.

#4. CHASTITY: Ruth took the initiative to find a place to work. She did not consider using her body as a means of earning income. Her first choice was to earn a living by working with her hands. A virtuous woman does not trade her body for means. She uses her skills/talents to earn a living when she has needs. She works willingly with her hands. She is not a woman of easy virtue that trades her body for gain. She esteems her dignity over materialism and does not make an excuse of not  having a job or parents/helpers to cater for her. She will find a job/business to do to pay her bills and not find a man to sleep with for money/gifts. A man of honour finds her as his wife because she distinguishes herself from common. 

#5. DILIGENCE: The reapers attested to this quality by saying she has not ceased working since she arrived in the field. A virtuous woman is not lazy or idle. She works hard and works smart.

#6. KINDNESS: Ruth saved some food to take to her mother-in-law, Naomi. She was not out there for herself alone. A virtuous woman shares with the needy, Out of her earnings, she shows kindness to the needy.

#7. TEACHABLE: Ruth listened to the counsel given to her by Naomi. She told her mother-in-law she will do just what was suggested and she did. Virtuous women can recognize and obey Godly counsel. They are submissive to any valid authority over them.


It is rewarding to be a virtuous woman. Ruth’s initiative of finding a place to work and virtuous character brought her to relevance and wealth. Little wonder, the bible says the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord. She left the house, not knowing the terrain, but her steps were ordered to the field of Boaz. 

Ruth typically depicts most of the qualities of a virtuous woman enlisted in Proverbs 31:10-31. In the genealogy of our Lord Jesus Christ, she was enlisted in that blessed lineage, as well as Rahab and Tamar who did not start on a righteous/virtuous path. They joined themselves to the Lord and their lives were transformed. Though you may have lived a life you are not proud of, you can still be virtuous. It begins with joining yourself to God (becoming a child of God) like Ruth did. " For he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him” (1Cor 6:17).

The game changer for Ruth was joining herself to God. That can be true for you and the blessings of a child of God will be yours too.


Smiling woman with inscription: virtuous and blessed


God bless you!



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