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Tuesday, April 20, 2021



Migration is a common feature of human existence as people must necessarily from one place to the other. More so, people tend to migrate from their host countries to be established in other countries apart from their continent. Europe and America are two great continents of the world many Africans love to migrate to. The reasons for preference for some of the countries in these continents are not farfetched from the many ills that have bedeviled the Africa continent. These challenges vary from poor leadership resulting in very harsh socioeconomic conditions to corrupt systems and practices across various sectors of the society. The cost of living a simple inexpensive life is even far above the reach of many. Many qualified graduates are turned out of institutions of learning but no systems to absorb them into the labour force. Thus, there is a huge brain drain for professionals who can afford the luxury of travelling to Europe or America. A certain population  who cannot afford the luxury of a legitimate migration to Europe and America endangers their lives in trying to go through land or sea routes illegitimately. Some become victims of trafficking because a trafficker came to rescue them out of obscurity by providing funds and other necessities for migration; unknown to them they are embracing a  life of slavery and more cruelty than they experience in their motherland. Artisans and other entrepreneurs are not exempted; the cost of doing business and the enabling environment to thrive is unavailable. Across different strata of many developing countries, basic amenities are either lacking or poorly supplied. The power supply is epileptic, poor road networks and the farmers are not left out as they also share in the bitter pill of experiencing difficulties in transporting their goods from the farm to the market. The issues are multifaceted and multisectoral and the list  go on. I want to explore a few reasons why people migrate to Europe and America


The major rationale for traveling to Europe and America is mainly socioeconomic. These continents have developed nations with systems and policies that are working very well. To embrace a sane society where there is respect for rule of law and order is the goal of many Africans. Developed countries look already fixed and if they get there, they can fend for themselves and members of their family who yet reside in Africa. With the large disparity in our exchange rates, what they can send as forex whether in Euros or Dollars become much when converted to Naira.

Other reasons people migrate could range from quality academic training and/or professional development, security, tourism, business, a change of environment etc.



Certainly, the grass looks greener on the other side and it’s taken as given to move to the other side and harvest from the green pasture. This is usually not the case for everyone who has travelled to Europe or America. Some have their bitter tales to tell and often wished they stayed back in their home country to work it out regardless of the circumstances.

Always bear in mind your life's purpose and take steps to actualize it regardless of your location. Purpose can drive your decisions and actions and make you add value to your niche though you are not in Europe and America. 

Howbeit, if the government or leaders have failed, do not contribute to a failed society. Those who have gone ahead of us may not have done so well in providing an enabling environment, but we should not also make it worse for those coming behind. On your part as an individual, do the needful and contribute meaningfully to society. If you cannot contribute meaningfully at home, you will likely not be be able to contribute meaningfully in diaspora.

If you cannot afford the travel expense to Europe and America, don’t endanger your life in trying to do so through illicit routes. Stay home and be diligent in whatever your hands find to do, you will still thrive and in the long run, be able to afford to travel to Europe or America the right way. Learn a skill or a trade if there is no formal employment and bring an innovative edge to your business because of your education. Taking up arms, illicit trade, promiscuity or internet fraud is not the way to go, do something you can be proud of and to showcase to others and you will become a positive role model. In conclusion, migrating to Europe and/or America look like an escape from the hardship in the land, but why you remain in the land, do what you can purposefully and legitimately to create your enabling environment or comfort.

Thank you for reading


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