Words are remarkable elements of communication, whether written or spoken out of the mouth. Our vocal cords give expression to the happenings in our mind and transmit the silent thoughts of our hearts into audible sounds. Little wonder, the bible admonishes "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks".

The importance of spoken words cannot be under emphasized because they are a medium for communicating with one another and even to God in prayers. I am simply saying as a parent, you speak words to your children, you speak to your spouse, as a boss, you speak to your members of staff, a teacher speaks to her students and vice versa in all scenarios. You speak words in relating with God, to yourself, family and other members of society.


Spoken words are seeds, they have the potential to grow and produce fruits when released. They do not only convey messages but also emotions as well. We express love, hate, anger, disgust, affirmation, gratitude etc with the words we speak. When you reflect, you can discover some words spoken to you even as a child that stayed with you for life. For some people, it was words that built them, for some others, it was negative words that marred them and they never forget the experience. Whatever you say whether to yourself or others can produce a result (fruit). When you say 'I love you' for example and you truly do, the fruit of your words is felt by the person you are speaking to. In the same vein, when you say I cannot do it, the fruit of inability is produced and you will lack the drive and energy or inspiration to do the needful.

The world was framed by the word of God. God spoke creation into being and He saw that what He created was good. The seed of the word of God produced the effect of creation into being. You can create with your words by speaking into being the things that be not as though they were.


Endeavor to be purposeful with the words you speak. This is important because you shall have what you say. The people of Israel in the Bible spoke in a certain way and God said as they have spoken, he will do to them (see Numbers 14:28). Don’t speak words carelessly for the sake of speaking or giving a response. Don’t speak fear, doubt, failure, defeat, lack, condemnation, sickness death etc. For some people, it doesn’t matter to them the words they speak, they see spoken words as merely statements or sentence(s) for expression. The mere fact that you can't retract the words you spoke though you were joking or become sorry for the kind of words is enough recourse to be mindful of the way we speak.


The word of God is living and powerful, spirit and life as well too; so use it in your vocabulary. Speak the word of God especially if you know it. Be intentional with your words and speak positively. Speak life to whatever is dying around you. As a parent, speak blessings to your children and not curses. Speak life, speak health, and speak wealth.

You are likely not going to speak right if your make-up has not been conditioned to do so because out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. This means your words convey the intents of your heart, expresses your personality. You speak what you have been fed with, what you have been giving attention to and dominant around you. If you want to speak right and purposefully, listen to the right things, think right, and believe the right things. Give attention to the word of God, it will renew your mind and make you conscious of it and from the abundance of the word of God in your heart, your mouth will speak.



Our words should be seasoned with salt and grace. They should edify, add value, heal, bless and not curse. Don’t be vulgar with words or speak deceitfully, stirring up strife and acrimony with your words. Be pleasant with words and shun sarcasm. You can decide to be silent when you don’t know what to say, instead of speaking folly or ignorantly. You should open your mouth with wisdom. It’s not about your grammatical expression, but your attitude and the aura your words carry. The next time you are tempted to speak provocatively, think of the import of your words and the resultant effect. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, if it will kill and not heal, please refrain from speaking.


God bless you!



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