The bible teaches us to train up our children in the way they should go. When we do that, they will not depart from it. Each child is unique and different from the other, hence the need to discover your child. Ignorance of the uniqueness of each child can make you involve in needless comparison. Deliberately avoid comparing your children or making a comparison between your child and others. In comparison many times, you tend to compare the weakness of one child with the strength of another child. The child doing poorly in math may be gifted in sports or music. One child can be easy going and phlegmatic and the other highly extroverted and different. Don’t compare your children to avoid sibling rivalry or suppressing the child's uniqueness. As a parent, endeavour to understand your child's uniqueness, accept it and promote it.

Paying attention to the uniqueness of each child can help you develop that child in the way he should go. Otherwise, you may find yourself trying to configure the child to be who he is not or set him on a path that is not his. This can be  frustrating both for you and the child as well. A child’s latent potentials will be better developed and expressed if he knows daddy and mummy are okay with his uniqueness.




Endeavour to observe the ways of each child deliberately. Begin early to observe each child from their formative stage and strategize to develop the distinctive potentials you discover in them. Your children live in the same house with you and exhibit various characteristics. You know their abilities, habits, likes and dislikes, temperaments, friends, what they are easily attracted to and what puts them off. You must really not be watching as a parent not to know the dominant trait and attributes of your child. When you discover your child’s potentials, tailor his/her training(s) along the line of your discovery. Let the singer sing and be herself if that is what you found, don’t make a medical doctor of her. Your discovery will also influence your choice of toys, school and course of study, the topic of interest for discussion and a whole lot of other nitty-gritty.

PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THEY SAY: Listen to your children when they talk especially when they are communicating very salient points about themselves or experiences. Hear the child out and give suitable feedback when necessary.

MEDITATION: Ponder on some of the important things your child says to you and don’t lose touch of them. You will need those words to make critical decisions at some point in the child’s life. In the bible, Mary the mother of Jesus kept some of his sayings in her heart. Jacob (Israel) did the same for Joseph when he talked about the dreams God showed him.


You should spend time to pray for each child.  Ask God to reveal the child to you and give you wisdom necessary to raise the child


 Create room for friendship with your child. Bond with them from when they are still very tender and have time to play and just talk with them. Ask them deliberate questions about their life goals such as what do you like to become. You will be amazed at their response. This should be done deliberately and regularly especially for parents with very busy schedules due to work and business demands. Create time for your child and be disciplined to use the time created for your child and not for other activities. When you spend time with your child, you build and develop friendship. You also encourage communication and a healthier relationship between you and your child. Don’t be too tough that your child cannot talk comfortably with you. Your child should be able to talk with you in a healthy and comfortable atmosphere even when you have different opinions.

Discovering your child is important and is your responsibility as a parent. Make good use of your findings to channel your child in the way he should go.

God bless you! Discover your child.