Your life purpose is the rationale for your existence. Once upon a time, you were born and nurtured from being  a baby into the stage of independence. By default, you can  live each day as it comes naturally by the way nature and nurture shaped your perception and experiences. However, a time comes when you should see yourself beyond existing to make a living or solely for survival. In this way, the summary of your life will not be that you were born, got an education or informal training, engaged in economic activities, gave birth and raised children after which you breathe your last at the time of demise. Certainly, you will necessarily engage in all these activities and much more, but are they the primary goal for your existence? It is your realization of purpose that will influence the way you go about your daily activities (including religious, economic, parenting, charity and volunteering services etc) to live purposefully.


Why was I born is a question only you can answer. Think about certain questions critically as you examine yourself. 

  1. What problem does the solution lie within your skill and propensity? 
  2. Which sphere(s) of humanity requires your contribution and service?
  3. Who are the people you can influence or meet their needs?
  4. How can you reach out to your niche?
  5.  What is the extent to which you can reach out?
  6. What is unique about you?
  7. What are you doing or have a longing to do that is beyond survival and gives you satisfaction?

The answers to these questions lie within you because nobody can define you better than yourself. Meditate on these questions and answer them. You can take a step further to pray to God to show you an in-depth picture of your life’s purpose.

Some persons are born leaders, teachers, preachers, singers, inventors, teachers, writers, poets, missionaries and the list goes on. In the city I was born and bred, one man rose in the person of Archbishop Benson Idahosa and lived beyond earning a living. His influence pervaded the city and spread beyond its confines across the world. He discovered his purpose and lived an impactful life. Notable missionaries David Livingstone, Mary Slessor and in most recent time, Reinhard Bonnke as well as other notable missionaries whose mission were for humanity and not to exploit Africa exemplify purposeful living. Nelson Mandela and other notable leaders whose struggles and leadership were not for self aggrandizement awake the consciousness that leadership is influence and for the good of the majority. 

You were born for a purpose, not solely for survival. Whatever you are born for, live for and do not be counter-productive. 

Thank you for reading!


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