Easter is a time to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ which brought redemption to mankind. A special gift of love was bestowed on humanity by a loving and sinless Saviour, Jesus Christ in a season Christians commemorate as Easter.

Easter reminds us of the Lord Jesus who took upon himself the sin of mankind. Little wonder, John the Baptist introduced him as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. In taking away the sins of the world, he bore sin on his body as he became sin who knew no sin, that men might become righteous.

I have stumbled upon many sites and articles showcasing freebies and halfway into the registration, I am demanded to register for a premium to enjoy the immense benefits of the package. To use such a resource, you pay the determined sum though it was advertised as free. I began to wonder if gifts exist without having to make any form of remuneration or offer some kind of service. Surely, free gifts do exist, for many philanthropists and charity organizations or foundations exist to serve humanity and do away with freebies. It becomes free to the recipient because someone or a group of people have paid for the gifts/services.

In my reflection, it dawned on me that salvation from sin and eternal damnation is absolutely free. We believe in Jesus who died and rose again and offered us the free gift of eternal life. We receive the gift by faith and confessing the Lordship of Christ and we are saved. It comes to us too easy, but it cost God his son and Jesus his life. Jesus Christ took the form of man, dwelt amongst men, and ultimately fulfilled his purpose in becoming the ransom for our freedom.

Easter is not just another holiday or festive season. Easter is about Christ’s love for a dying world, the freest package I know that is available for mankind without partiality. Receiving the gift of salvation may look simple to you too if you still feel you must pay for your sins or offer some works for your redemption. Jesus Christ paid in full, so receive his life and be free. Easter reminds us of Jesus and his love for us, His death and resurrection, and a glorious resurrection that awaits His saints.

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