I stood at the entrance of my classroom as a kindergarten teacher gazing thoughtfully at these set of wonderful creatures. Be careful! I yelled. They were out for recreational activities, and as I watched them play, I kept pondering and learning as well. They were young boys and girls, mostly toddlers I interacted with at a particular phase of my life. As their class teacher, we shared beautiful moments together. I learnt a great deal from the little ones, though I taught them. We had fun, sang together, they made me laugh and scream as well to their noisy chatter. We had all these going during my time with them.

I stood at the entrance wondering that fateful day because the opportunity to teach was occasioned by the National Youth Service Corps. I was their teacher for two terms and occasion demanded I stepped out of that door as my service year embraced its end in few days. A new teacher will step in and take up the responsibility I once had. We had gotten so used to ourselves and I sure know I will miss them. I worked dutifully while I was with them because I love to impart children. My stay with them was time bound and I must say goodbye and move on to the next phase of my life.

Life offers a lot of opportunities that are time-bound. Work diligently as every occasion demand. You may never have the privilege to do so when the time is up. Be intentional about your life because life is a complex process of time (Lifetime) broken down into simpler phases of time. Do what is necessary par time and excel gallantly in life. If you fail to make your mark par time, as you step out of that phase, that time marks you a failure unknown to you. Living casually and slothfully will result to a mere passage of time with little or no impart. It is the diligent that stands before kings, those who deal with a slack hand will hobnob with mean men.

In conclusion, a new phase opens as the previous closes, and summarily life on earth ends because it is transient. “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the grave, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom”. (Eccle 9:10- NIV).

Use time wisely