She remembered her seemingly great achievements as she lay on her sick bed thinking she was going to die. She had done well for herself in getting academic trainings; she had multiple investments and assets and was given to beautification. She was attractive to behold with an imposing height and dazzling complexion; always gorgeously dressed, complementing her great figure and looks. All these meant very little to her in the face of death. Thankfully, she survived the medical ordeal and as she recuperated and recounted her experience to me and a few others around, she concluded with this phrase “there is nothing in this world”.

After retirement from his secular job, he enrolled for bible training course in a bible school. He had worked hard and achieved great feats for himself and his family as well. A sexagenarian in his mid-60s with a lot to show for his labour but still felt there was more to his existence than the things he had achieved. He shared some of his life and work experience and what culminated to his enrolling for the bible school degree with a promising middle aged course mate in the bible school. All the time he worked on his secular job, he had constant nudge to give attention to his life purpose but he couldn’t give attention to it because of his job and he had a family to cater for. Though he achieved some feats, he still felt unfulfilled and he said to this middle aged man, if I knew better, I would have heeded the call to serve God more actively because the longing was always there in my heart. He was a Christian and he lived as one, but there was more to his existence than just attending church and obeying the tenets of the bible.

There is a purpose for the sun, moon and the stars and to everything under heaven. As it is to everything, so it is to everyone, a distinctive purpose, predetermined for every man. The duo in the preceding paragraphs in their reminiscence discovered there is more to life than working on a secular work and creating wealth; and true satisfaction is derived from fulfilling purpose and not just making money. Your purpose is the reason for which you exist on earth. You were designed to function in a particular way to serve your generation. It’s not something you will achieve in the future, but an already crafted design which you live out on a daily basis. A purposeful person is unique and understands his peculiarity and assignment and works to fulfill his purpose. Self discovery is not a rigorous process if you truly give attention to understanding it. It’s not everything that appeals to you as a person and it is not every sphere that draws attention from you or motivates you to contribute and when you do, you derive satisfaction though you are not given any form of incentives. Be yourself and live your daily live intentionally, not drifting along every new trend or trying to be who you are not. Also, don’t wait to be on your dying bed, before you ask yourself what exactly you have done with your life as is the case of some who have died or have become aged and regret the kind of lives they lived because strength has abated and no more enthusiasm to do the needful. True satisfaction is derived from fulfilling your purpose and not from the wealth and other achievements you make.