You will not but if you don't bow


In the bible, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego found themselves in a situation that I term ‘Bow or burn’. They were either to accept the kings’ command to bow to his golden image or do what they consider right and burn in a fiery furnace (See reference in Daniel chapter 3). They resolved not to bow and were also ready to burn if their God does not save them from the fiery furnace. This kind of decision was not made before the furnace, they had lived their lives purposefully prior to this time and their worship was solely to God. Their resolve not to bow spurred out from the kind of men they had become over time. As it concerns their God, they were not confused to reach a decision, they did not weigh the options between life and death nor cower to the easier choice to bow and live. Their faith did not waver as the furnace was kindled seven times more (See Reference in Daniel 3:19). They exemplify absolute faith in God courage and determination. Although they were thrown into the furnace, interestingly, they did not burn but came out unhurt and more dignified.

The fabric of today’s society has been woven in a way that subtly questions the faith and beliefs of the upright. The institutions and systems have been warped in a way that demands we bow or burn. In the citadel of learning, some ladies find themselves in situations where sex is a requirement for a good grade. The lecturer is simply asking her to bow and pass her exams or do the contrary and expect a poor grade. While one lady chooses to rather burn than bow because her dignity cannot be traded for grades; another lady gives in because her grades are paramount to her, and an easy way out has been offered. Many a time, the lady who rather burns than bow will likely go through the furnace unhurt. She knows God will deliver her and if He doesn’t she rather re-sits the exam than bow. Her testimony of test on her character will promote her to face greater challenges. A man of purpose  has standards and integrity and does not compromise easily. Live purposefully and not casually nor be easily coerced to bow to evil demands for what is due you

Through various sectors in the society at large (both private and public), from Health to Education, Government, Entertainment and various industries, the subtle demand to bow has been institutionalized, and sometimes requiring inappropriate and wicked cost for what is due you. The boss needs to be visited in his hotel room for a job or a role a lady is suitably qualified for. Her qualification is the price she has paid and has been prepared in a sense, but she faces an unnecessary cost of her body and not credentials to earn well. Many have been coerced to bow, just to escape the flames. However, the determined and prepared ones decide to burn instead of bowing their head to a needless course with the aftermath of regret. The next time you are faced with the subtle demand to bow, ask yourself if the cost is worth your integrity, dignity and faith in God; choose not to bow, you will likely not get burned on the long run but come out of the furnace with proven testimony of character.