It is almost generally distinctive for quite a number of natural resources to be buried beneath the earth, crude oil and gold are typical examples. They are natural endowments that enrich individuals and nations endowed by these resources. Nations of the earth harness these treasures because they are wealth and make wealthy. These treasures provide potential value in their crude state. Gold in its crude form is nothing close to sparkling; neither can crude oil move any automobile. Mining and refining purify them to unleash their latent potentials.

Refining, which is the process of making a substance pure is the key that unlocks the riches within the crude. The dirty stone on refining becomes the fancy of many women. Likewise, the dark oil produces a myriad of products on refining. Little wonder, people and nations as well search beneath the earth for this treasure that makes rich. A pertinent question worthy of note is why are these treasures not found freely on the surface of the earth? Why are they not within the reach of just anyone, without necessarily going through the mining and refining process?

You are naturally endowed, but it’s not on the surface. Direct your search to where your treasure is so as to mine and refine it. Firstly, discover the treasure deposited within you by critically reflecting on your innate capability. Explore issues such as the skill(s) you possess (whether innate or exploited); your natural abilities and the things you can do exceptionally. Self-discovery is a process and not just a one-off activity. However, don’t trivialize your relationship with God or live your life without a sense of purpose. In living your daily life purposefully, your uniqueness will be known to you and even to those around you.

After discovering your latent ability, don’t neglect it, purposefully put it to use. In addition, get the necessary training where applicable to hone your skills. In doing so, you are refining your treasure. The value of the treasure deposited in you increases when it has been refined. In conclusion, everyone is naturally endowed but your treasure is up to you to mine and refine.  It’s crude and golden but it’s within you.




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